What we believe

The tenants of our faith are summarized as follows:

  1. There is only one God. His Name is Jesus.

  2. Jesus is calling upon every person to repent and be converted. This calling involves more than a mere recitation of a prayer or a poem; it necessitates a complete change into a new life with Christ. Here at Apostolic Revival Center, we desire to help facilitate that change.

  3. Forgiveness of sins begins with baptism in Jesus’ Name. The Bible says that each person must be baptized in Jesus’ Name for the Remission (i.e., forgiveness) of sin. We believe that following baptism, forgiveness of sin comes through prayer, confession, repentance, and washing by the Word of God.

  4. We believe in the experience (often referred to as “baptism”) of the Holy Ghost. We further believe that when a person receives the Holy Ghost, such receipt will be evidenced by the speaking of other tongues as the Spirit gives the utterance.

  5. Christianity is a conversion into the Kingdom of God. It necessitates a transformation and renewing of our mind. We believe in holiness, separation from worldly principles and values, and glorifying God in our body and spirit, both of which belong to God.

  6. We believe in personal evangelism - people reaching people.

  7. We believe in discipleship – teaching people to become Disciples of Christ.

  8. We believe in the family unit. We hope to help build families in the strength and love of God.

  9. We believe in prayer – our goal is for Apostolic Revival Center to become a true “house of prayer.”

  10. We believe in and promote fellowship with one another, providing a source of strength and encouragement as people of “like precious faith” come together and unify.